Here are the Tarot Cards I’ve used for story ideas. Lots of inspiration, don’t you agree?

Major Arcana
CardTopicMy Story
IntroductionThe Dark Reading
4. The EmperorOrder vs. InstabilityMagnificent
5. The HierophantLeadership, StructureGingerbread House
7. The ChariotTriumph, Confidence, NavigateResurrection Machine
9. The HermitSeeking, Guidance, Light, WisdomMiner’s Secret
10. The Wheel of FortuneTurn of Events, KarmaSpinning
Suit of Cups
CardTopicMy Story
2 of CupsUnion, PartnershipThe Monument
3 of CupsCelebration, Plenty, Good FortuneRed Rock
4 of CupsUninterest, Yearning, JealousyPumpkin Dreams
5 of CupsSorrow, Loss, Grief, DepressionAxel
7 of CupsChoice, Illusion, PathPeriphery
9 of CupsGathering, Party, Happiness, WishBelow Ground
Page of CupsA Message, A Young MessengerPeaceful Passing
Queen of CupsCaring, Sensitivity, CompassionCat Lady
Suit of Pentacles
CardTopicMy Story
3 of PentaclesLearning, Skill, Accomplishment, GuidanceBirthday
4 of PentaclesWealth, Miser, BankruptPoker Face
8 of PentaclesSkills, Knowledge to CreateVortex
9 of PentaclesFinancial Security, SkillThe Commission
10 of PentaclesPartnership, Union, MarriageThe Bite
Suit of Wands
CardTopicMy Story
Ace of WandsNew Beginning, Go For ItPersuasion
3 of WandsA Sea, Reward for DedicationDesert Expanse
5 of WandsConflict, A Fight, Opposing ForceNewborn
7 of WandsCourage, IndecisionFaust
9 of WandsBe on Guard, ParanoiaClouds
Knight of WandsIntensity, No Fear, Rash, HeadstrongShadow Man
King of WandsStrength, Power, CharismaCursed
Suit of Swords
CardTopicMy Story
3 of SwordsLove triangle, A returnFaded Film
6 of SwordsJourney, PassageConner of the Mist
7 of SwordsLying, Sly, SneakCold Voice
9 of SwordsIllness from WithinCordyceps
King of SwordsLogic, Intelligence, FactsThe Detached