Resurrection Machine

Thunder and lightning blasted through the night sky. Heavy rain pelted the rocks on either side of the hilly road.

The opossum reached the point where he wanted to cross. He poked his wet head forward and looked left to right. He saw car headlights coming toward him from the distance.

Lightning lit the sky again and briefly illuminated the car interior. Inside their brand new Model S, Richie and Chad were enjoying the ride through the storm, feeling protected and perfectly safe as the car had today’s most superior wet weather safety features.

Chad asked: “Do it again, Richie. Do the gut punch acceleration.”

“You got it,” said Richie. “Here we go…”

The car impossibly accelerated. Simultaneously, a scorching flash surrounded the car as it was struck by lightning. The current instantly killed both Richie and Chad as it traveled through the car. The electrical systems stopped working and the breaks seized. The car screeched to the right beyond the road, hit a boulder, flipped back to front, landed upside down, and finally slid to a stop.

After things settled, the opossum came to the windshield and peeked inside. He saw Ritchie’s head awkwardly angled, being broken at the neck. And from Chad’s forehead dripped blood. The lightning flashed again overhead, so the opossum went on.

A second significant bolt of lightning blasted the car. All of the interior panels, sensors, and lights flared on. After a while, both doors opened. Richie and Chad got out of the car, their bodies heavily damaged – Richie’s neck was still broken and Chad’s forehead was bashed in but had stopped bleeding.

They started walking in the rain away from the crash – their steps were like zombies. But not zombies. Their limbs were more stiff, like Frankenstein. They have been brought back to life. The car, along with the lightning strike, resurrected Richie and Chad.

Richie said: “That was weird – about picking The Chariot card. What did the Tarot Reader say?”

Chad responded, “She said that we would literally get into a car crash.”

“Man, was she right,” said Richie. “But what do you think of our car now? Pretty awesome, right?!”

The opossum took one last look at the two men, turned back, and headed to the other side of the road.


This is Dante P Ramon, your host and author of The Dark Reading, scary stories inspired by Tarot cards. I invite you to listen to our podcast regularly, and visit us on the web at And please feel free to share The Dark Reading with your friends.

I just picked the Death card, so good night for now.


Season 1 Episode 15.

©2020 The Dark Reading. All Rights Reserved.

All third party marks are the property of their respective owners.


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