The Dark Reading

Welcome to The Dark Reading, where scary stories are inspired by Tarot cards.  I am your host and author, Dante P Ramon.  Before my first story, let me begin with this short introduction.

The deck is shuffled.  What would you like to ask the Tarot?

This is how my stories begin. Seventy-eight cards lay face down and spread out on the table. You form your question in your mind. It is a difficult task because you believe that the question must be exact from the start and stated in the correct manner. As you focus your thoughts, you become anxious and agitated. What seems like an eternity passes, yet the question slowly forms and you force your feelings for clarity.

And there it is – your question materializes.

Next, you choose your one card. With hesitation, you turn the card over to reveal its image. It is not what you expected. The card, plain yet adorned with fantastic colorful imagery, is ready to tell its story. Looking at the Reader, your face pales as you await what you believe is your future – your fate.

I present to you a collection of Scary Stories. Supernatural, mystery, magic, horror – you know, the fun stuff. All kidding aside, my stories are inspired by Tarot cards, specially Tarot readings.

But the Tarot itself is scary, right? Maybe. Most of us are unfamiliar with the cards, or just have a base understanding from movies and media. I, myself, respect the ideas and concepts depicted by the Tarot.

Don’t fret. The Tarot is neither magical, supernatural, evil, nor occult. Tarot readings do not predict the future nor foretell death. The cards are ultimately, and merely, just a deck of cards. In fact, they were originally playing cards. Our playing cards today, like Bicycle, are derived from the Tarot. 

These days, the deck is used for a type of insight. They contain imagery that speak to us through interpretation, and are designed to address specific attributes of the human condition – social, self, emotion and logic. Tarot cards help us to expand our thinking, or reason in a slightly different, offset way. 

Tarot readings only provide concepts. You, the Audience, interpret, perceive and act upon what is laid before you. I, on the other hand, use the readings as inspiration for my Scary Stories.

So sit back, dim the lights a bit, relax, and let the story flow and capture your imagination.

This is Dante P Ramon, your host and author of The Dark Reading, scary stories inspired by Tarot cards. I invite you to listen to our podcast regularly, and visit us on the web at

I just drew the Death card, so good night for now.


If you like my scary stories, please feel free to share this website and our Podcast at with your friends and colleagues. Thanks!


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